About us

About energy savings – saving your business on energy bills.

EnergySavings.com.au was created by entrepreneur Susheel Kumar in 2019 with one simple mission – to help Australian businesses save money on gas and electricity bills and make sure they always get the best deal.

Unlike some other energy comparison sites, we are completely and 100% independent and Australian owned. We don’t push unsuitable or “sponsored” plans into your comparisons – we are engineered from the ground up to make sure you save the maximum amount of money when we compare all the energy plans available in your area. Business is all about maximising value – so maximise your value on energy with Energy Savings.

An easier way for business to compare gas and electricity plans

Energy Savings is built on a 100% online, secure, and independent platform developed right here in Sydney, Australia.

All our comparisons
are unbiased

We don’t take commissions from energy retailers to push their products over better deals that reduce your overheads.

We give you plain numbers

We don’t try to confuse you with “discounts” and “bonuses” and other jargon. Business runs on solid numbers, and we understand that.

We know you want to get on with business.

Instead of getting called back by pushy telemarketers, we make the process of signing up to your new plans seamless and within the same session

You don’t need your recent gas or electricity bill to make a comparison, though you can make a more precise evaluation if you have one on hand.

Using your suburb name or postcode you provide – which is never sent to third parties – you can see how much your business could be saving each month or billing period on your gas and electricity. You can sign up right there – of course, there’s no obligation to proceed.

Does your business want to start saving on gas and electricity plans?

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The Energy Savings platform is powered by CIMET. We do not compare all brands in the market, or all products offered by all brands. At times certain brands or products may not be available or offered to you. If you proceed with an energy plan through Energy Savings, both Energy Savings and CIMET may each receive a referral fee.