There are numerous ways, including behavioural adjustments to extensive office improvements. Usually, in office, people tend to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, but, they forget to make quick and simple adjustments. Such steps help in protecting the environment, and of course, give low utility bills. Down below are the actionable practices which can be implemented to minimize energy consumption.

Know to control.

Most heating and cooling system come with customizable mechanism but, very few people are aware of it. Such regulators help in setting the temperature as per the season and weather conditions.

Get a programmable thermostat

In case when your system has no time controls than fitting a programmable thermostat can help you in adjusting the temperature. Such devices can help you when a situation like a major change in environment emerges.

Check the windows & doors

Make sure windows and doors are properly closed and sealed when the system is working. Leakage can work as an energy drain hole and, thus, increases energy consumption.

Keep the components clean and clear

Don’t put any furniture in front of radiators and vents. Clean the ducts, grills, fans and ducts regularly. It will make the system more energy-efficient and will also lower the chances of getting fire.

Put weather-strips on doors and around windows

Installing weather strips will leave no passage of air and, thus, will keep the room temperature stable. Such stability in temperature smoothens the functionality of the installed system and, therefore, positively affects efficiency. No high bills!

Clean filters of AC

Filters not only there to clean the air but also play a vital role in the entire operation of the system. Keeping them clean not only shuts off the maintenance issues but also saves electricity. Along with that, change the filters after a certain period, as they come with a limited lifetime.

Put heat-producing appliances away from the thermostat

Appliances such as lamps can misguide the sensor of the Air conditioner. The sensor will consider that the temperature of the room is higher and needs to be cooled more. Such arrangements can be the cause of making the system run for a longer time.

Insulate external ducts

Make sure that duct or any network of ducts which has a connection with the unconditioned space is appropriately sealed. Insulation of such network can multifold the current efficiency of the system. It can be fixed with the use of duct-sealing tape which has UL 181- rating. Insulating material should have proper thickness.

Things to remember

● To save heating cost lower your thermostat, even 1ºC lower temperature can save a significant amount of cost.
● Keep night time temperature to 10ºC because of most office buildings ideal temperature.
● Don’t heat the unoccupied parts.


Most of the listed methods cost no money, so you need not be worried. But, surprisingly, these free methods can save a lot of money not only by consuming low energy for operations but can also enhance the lifecycle of the entire mechanism. So why wait? Implement them immediately.

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