How it works

How your business can save more on gas and electricity with Energy Savings

Is gas and electricity becoming a big overhead in your business? You can save on your company’s energy bills by using our fast, free, and easy energy plan comparison service.

Energy Savings makes is simple to compare different business energy plans in your area.

Location Details

To get started, all we need from you is your postcode or suburb name. This allows our engine to search the correct area when looking for gas and electricity plans.

Additional Requirements

Once we’ve captured your information on our secure servers, we will ask you additional questions such as the size of your business premises, if you have special power requirements, and if you have solar power installed. If you have a recent bill handy, you can input the information direct for a more precise comparison.

Instant Data

Within seconds, you’ll see all the available plans in your area with savings over your current plan (either approximate or exact, if you used a recent bill or not) in dollar amounts.

Our energy comparison engine only shows you how much you could save on each bill in real terms; we don’t show discount rates for off-peak tariffs, pay-on-time discounts, paperless billing, or any other marketing fluff; just how much your business could save on its energy bills.

Want to get started?

Sign up to your new plan on the spot – no obligation energy comparison

Since Energy Savings uses a 100% online system, we can connect you direct to your chosen provider within the engine itself. You can nominate to switch your provider on a certain date to suit your cash flow or if you’re moving to new premises.

If you only want to see how much your business could save on energy bills, that’s fine: there’s no obligation to apply.

We’re a 100% secure and independent energy comparison provider

Unlike other energy providers, we’re 100% independent. Other energy comparison engines are owned by retailers and can skew results, which means you might not be getting the absolute best price on energy.

As a business service, we believe in fair. All our comparisons are unbiased – that means you’re always making an informed decision that’s best for your bottom line.


As we’re an 100% online service, we don’t call you back with pushy or annoying telemarketers. You can compare, switch, and save – all within your browser!

Does your business want to start saving on gas and electricity plans?

Get started with Energy Savings today – click here to get started and stop paying more for energy!

The Energy Savings platform is powered by CIMET. We do not compare all brands in the market, or all products offered by all brands. At times certain brands or products may not be available or offered to you. If you proceed with an energy plan through Energy Savings, both Energy Savings and CIMET may each receive a referral fee.